How Strong is Your Love Magnet?



The Love Magnet Index & Assessment

THE LOVE MAGNET INDEX ASSESSMENT reveals how men see you and how you are showing up in the world. This also shows you what could be getting in the way. Awareness is the first step. We can’t change our world until we see how our actions are affecting our outcomes. Once you have a bigger picture of how you are affecting your outcomes, you can change your reactions, be more proactive and get the results you want in your dating life.  What’s possible is greater awareness, attraction, and ultimately joy. Oh, yeah and true love!

How Can I Maximize My Attraction?

One of the best ways I know to maximize attraction is to become more aware of what or who is blocking that awesome guy from coming your way. And one of the best tools I have found to help with this is by doing the The Love Magnet Index Assessment.

After the debrief I know the areas I need to work on.
This report has given me a lot to ponder and has really made me think about the origins of my current day fears and limiting thoughts. Sometimes is takes that third, impartial party to make you aware of things that were blind to you initially. I am thankful and extremely grateful for the information that was provided.
— Rhonda O.

Why Do I Need to know my Love Magnet Index?

This is not something you need, this is something you want. If you want to start living a fuller life, this is a great first step towards that goal. This assessment is for you if you are experiencing some of these difficulties and are ready to live a new and different experience:

  • You tend to dwell on previous relationships and wondering how you could have done things better or differently.
  • You tend to blame yourself or your ex for a relationship that didn't work out.
  • You feel like you have been successful in so many areas of your life, but the relationship sector remains a total area of mystery.
  • Sometime you think that you were "meant to be alone" even though you really want to share your life with someone.
  • You an easy get overwhelmed by the prospect of meeting someone new.
  • You believe that dating is really dangerous, all those strangers.
  • Have trouble thinking of what top say when you meet a man that you are attracted to.
  • Take critical comments by others, even men you don't know, very personally.
  • Would rather hide in the background while at the same time craving attention.
  • Feel there is a disconnect between how you see yourself and how others see you.


  • Learn how and why you sabotage yourself in dating.
  • Understand your personal blocks to love and how to move past them
  • What you can do right now to get the results you really want
  • How men perceive you based on your unconscious, energetic presence and how you can start to bridge the gap
  • What you need to do to change your reality
  • Get clear on how you want to be perceived and how you want to feel about yourself
  • An action plan to make the changes that will lead to a more fulfilling life

What is The Love Magnet Index?

THE LOVE MAGNET INDEX is based on the Energy Leadership Index developed by Bruce Schneider who is the founder of IPEC coaching, where I studied to become a certified coach. The index works through a simple questionnaire which measures the subconscious and conscious influences that are affecting your creativity, your life, and all your relationships. This is not some Facebook quiz. It is a tool you can use to help improve your level of attractiveness and the overall quality of your life by showing you exactly what you are doing to get in the way of your own attractiveness, progress and satisfaction. It will also point towards solutions. After you complete the questionaire, we willl get on teh phone or skype and do a one hour debrief and I will help you to pinpoint the areas where you are blocked or letting life situations get in the way. We then get to work, forming an action plan to help you navigate your next steps.

Can I sign up for the Love Magnet Assessment Without
Buying a Coaching Package?

Sure! This is a great way to see if you want to work with me for a longer period of time. Click on the “BUY NOW” button below and order your assessment. I will email you the link to the assessment and my calendar (to set up the debrief) within 24 hours.