Thank You To All the Coaches That Helped Me on My Journey

 Here I am with the amazing Christine Kane.

Here I am with the amazing Christine Kane.

I have hired many coaches for various areas of my life. Before hiring coaches, I spent many years in therapy. So yeah, I am a bit of a personal growth junkie, but after a while in therapy I found that I was repeating myself, talking about the same old issues over and over again, but I wasn't moving forward in the way I wanted. Sure I had come to great new discoveries about myself, but it wasn't translating into the changes I wanted to see in my life. And although therapy is important and necessary for many people (It was for me), I had come to a point where I needed something more. Then I discovered coaching. I loved it so much I wanted to be a coach myself. The key to coaching is that no matter what your "Story" is you can have a breakthrough and change it in an instant. With a decision and commitment to change and a well-trained Coach guiding you and keeping you accountable along the way, I would be bold enough to say that there isn't anything that isn't possible.

If you have been trying to solve your "single" problem by relying on therapy alone I would ask you consider looking forward and hiring a coach. Sure stick with the therapy if you have many unresolved issues from your past and especially if they are from your childhood.  But if you are only looking in the review mirror, how to plan to get to your destination. 

Hiring a coach is like using Google Maps to get to where you want to go. A good coach asks you the questions that get you there faster so you avoid getting stuck in standstill relationships, hoping things will get better. So check out my group program, starting in January 2017. You will be in a small group with four other women who also are on the path to true love.

Coaches have helped me become the person I am today. Change is not easy, but with tools and support it is sustainable.