I had no idea I was an introvert or what that meant until I was well into adulthood. I thought I HAD TO CHANGE. And I did,  but not in the ways that I thought. Learning that I am an introvert has helped me to appreciate so much about myself and opened my life so many more possibilities. More love, more fun and more success.

After an awesome career working as a Creative Director and Art Director at some of the most successful magazines like Entertainment Weekly, New York Magazine, Sassy, YM, and Family Circle, I was ready to pursue work that was close to my heart: helping other introverted women find love, success, and total 100% self-acceptance.

I got certified as a Professional Coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching in 2013. I started out doing general coaching but soon found that the clients I seemed to attract and who did really well with me were introverted women. Now I focus solely on introverted women who want to lovingly take responsibility for their lives, change what they CAN change and create new awarenesses, so they can find the love they know is waiting for them.